Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Logan's All About Me Session ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photographer

It's true. I have a 10 year old. 1-0! That's double digits! I've been meaning to take him out all summer for a birthday shoot all about him (All About Me sessions for older kids are something I've been thinking about for a while now...more on that in a bit). We finally found the time this past weekend. We incorporated some of his favorite things and went for a little more of an urban feel.
So what's he all about??
We lost light and couldn't get to the last 2 but, plan on finishing up soon.
My Boy is Blonde-haired, Blue-eyed, Full of joy, Always thinking of others
and Sarcastically funny(hmmm...wonder where he gets that from??)
My Boy

Gosh I love that smile:)

His new big bike he got for his 1-0 birthdayDiary of a Wimpy Kid is seriously one of the funniest book series I've read. Yes, I have middle school humor.

All About Me Sessions:
I'm gonna go on a little rant now. Bare with me. It seems that when kids get to a certain age the creatively professional pictures stop. I can think of a number of reasons for this...
The kids hate taking pictures.
Their skin isn't as crystal clear like it was in the early years.
They're going through an awkward phase.
The dreaded Braces are needed.
The only thing that you have besides snapshots throughout the year are those horrid school pictures! Elementary & Middle school aged kids have sooo much personalities!! They have very certain likes/dislikes, favorite outfits, best buddies & opinions. Just think about what can be captured when you get the kid involved! Let them choose outfits. Let them choose the location. Let them choose all of their favorite things to incorporate. Remember them exactly as they are in this moment.
Make it All About THEM!
When I get all the details about these shoots worked out I'll post them in the Session Info Section. Email me if you have any questions & just can't wait to capture your little guy or gals personality right now!
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