Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finding Fall ~ Murfreesboro TN Photography

Wednesday mornings mean Nature Class for Brynn. Today before class I decided to go out on the trails and find some signs of fall since today is the first official day of fall and all. I don't know about YOU but, I am more than ready for some fall weather. The colors are to die for & the weather ain't so bad either. One of the main reasons I heart Tennessee is the seasons. We *normally* get to experience every season and I'm ready for each one when it comes. We've got some amazing trails to walk in these parts. Here's a little from our excursion plus a SURPRISE friend we found along the way. *shudder*
The one on the right reminds me of a sword fight.

Do you see that glimpse of a spider web in the corner near the sun!?

Everytime I'm out here it takes me back in time. I'm reminded of the battle that took place right here in our town way back in 1862. I can just imagine soldiers hiding behind some of these large rocks. It's crazy to think that if our city had gone untouched
this is mostly like what it would look like!

Ahem, speaking of our friend...I took this shot thinking, "I really like this hole in the tree surrounded by the beutifully exposed wood under the bark! Hmmm that's a strange little growth on the hole." Yes, I thought it was part of the tree. I walked about 2 feet off the trail to get this and was maybe a foot from the tree. It was not until I got home & loaded the pics to the computer that I found what I was REALLY starring at!
Ahhh you Sneaky Lil Snake!!

I can only imagine what was hidden in the depths of this hole!

To conclude, I'm pretty sure FALL is on it's way. The leaves are turning magnificient shades and should be absolutely perfect for the MINI SESSIONS!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Double The FANS Contest ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

Today is a beautiful sunshiney day out! What better day than today to begin a CONTEST!!
I have this crazy goal that I KNOW we can make.

What's the goal you ask?

So how do you enter?
  1. Suggest the LRP Fan Page to friends
  2. Come Back Here & Leave a comment with your name saying you'd like to be entered in contest. Yes, the name is required so I know that you're a Facebook Fan.
  3. When the LRP Fan Page reaches 400 LIKES a comment from this post will be randomly selected using Random.ORG
What's the prize?
That's a $50 Value!!

Who doesn't love that with the Holidays quickly approaching!?
Grandparents love photos of the family as gifts.;)
It's a super easy contest. Become A Fan. Leave A Comment Below.
Someone Wins When We Reach 400!
Let's Double The FANS!
*Offer not valid with any previously booked session*
And what's a post without a picture?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Sessions Are Here!!~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

The Mini Sessions Tab up top has been updated to show
TWO different Packages for the sessions.
If all you want/need is the CD of your images for
Holiday Card/Printing purposes then the
JOY Package is for you.
If you want the CD PLUS a few professionally printed images of your choice then the
LOVE Package is for you!
Which one are you?


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shooting Nature

This little guy
Reminded me
Why I love to shoot nature.


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