Sunday, February 21, 2010


This past week I had the pleasure of photographing Sweet Caroline again! You may remember her from her Sleepy Newborn phase HERE. Well, Miss Caroline is not so sleepy anymore! She is an adorable little gal who was such an easy subject to photograph. Kelly, thanks for entrusting me to capture these moments for you. I had a BLAST!

This Expression is PRICELESS!! I'm thinking large framed picture here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nashville PhotoWalk

Last Sunday started like any other Sunday in Nashville.

In the middle of February.


But I woke with a little PEP in my STEP!

I was going on a PhotoWalk. In downtown Nashville with a group led by the uber-talented Michael Howard

What's a Photography Walk you ask?
It's when a group of photographers (any skill level) gather in a select location and
You learn from each other
You get inspiration from each other
You share tips & tricks with each other
You make new friends in the process!
How did I find out about such an awesome opportunity you ask?
You did ask right?

It's one of my favorite past times
Plus, the ones I love, are usually very informative in regards to Photography.
One of these being I Heart Faces.

The Founders of I Heart Faces, Angie & Amy, were going to be in Nashville
A Huge Blogging Conference!
Ohhh how I wanted to go.
Money for that, however, was not in the budget.
Then Angie & Amy put out an invite to a free PhotoWalk
Scheduled for the last day of the conference
I JUMPED at the chance!

Yes, please!
We met on the corner of Broadway & 5th
Smack in the middle of downtown
30 of us braved the cold whipping winds of the day

It Was Worth IT!
Oh So Worth IT!

We walked & walked &
talked & shot & learned
It was truly a great day
Spent with some amazing people!

To the Beautifully Talented
Angie & Amy from I Heart Faces
For organizing the event!

It was so great meeting both of you
I had a blast!
To View the Full Set
Click Here
*all images were from our Adventures in Downtown Nashville*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a Lens can Do For You! And the Difference Between Manual & Automatic

There is so many wonderful people/photographers out there that take the time *almost daily sometimes* to give others tips, tutorials, useful links, etc...! I've learned and grown through many of these and wanted to take a minute to give a little back.
Today I got out my handsome son's old Thomas The Train stuff for my darling daughter to enjoy. Thomas was a huge part of his toddler years and I wanted to capture them playing together. I strive to always shoot on Manual with no flash.
Well this morning in the playroom we had both windows open (no overhead light) and I just couldn't quite get the Exposure right!
I had on my standard Lens that came with my Canon.
You'll notice that the Aperture only opens to f3.5 but only to 5.6 most of the time.
So with my Apreture as low as I could get it (5.6)
My ISO at 1600
(I hate hate hate going higher than 400 because of noise but nothing was working this morning!)
And my shutter speed was 1/50.
A good rule of thumb is to not take your shutter speed down lower than the focal length of your lens. The focal length on my lens is 55mm so I was actually a little low.
Confused by all this Shutter Speed/Aperture/ISO talk?
Go Here
Anywho, this is the best I was getting using no flash:
THEN I decided to bust out my new Lens!
You'll notice you can open the Aperture to 1.8
However, the lens is at a fixed 50mm (no zooming) which is hard to get used to but with a $100 price tag it really can't be beat!
So with my Canon on Manual
Using No Flash
I took my Aperture down just a tad to 3.2
ISO still 1600 *Gahhh*
Here's what kinda yummy light I was working with

Still a little noisy for my taste but much much better overall!
No editing was done to either of these.
Please ignore her blank like stare and food stained mouth (hence the no editing)...
we've been sick around these parts.

And again with the same settings...colors are true to real life:

And just to give you an idea of what the photo

would look like shooting on Automatic with a flash:

Lesson Learned:
You don't have to spend fortunes on a lens to make it work for you.
Know the Exposure Triangle!
Love It!
Play with Settings!
~The Only Source of Knowledge Is Experience~
Albert Einstein

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