Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Staples~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

I finally had the pleasure of photographing The Staples Family!
Now that they've moved back to our neck of the woods it was time for some family shots.
This was one of the lucky families that took advantage of an LRP Mini Session.
Totally worth it by the way;)
I wanted to venture out to a spot I hadn't been to in almost exactly a year!
Why haven't I been using this spot more often?
It's absolutely gorgeous!
~Don't Forget! 20 Comments for the Staples gets them a super awesome gift~

These next 2 are probably my favorites.
Mom said the girl loves her books so I brought one for her to read.

Only, I should have saved it for the end because when we tried to take it away
this happened...
Sad but, still adorable!

Precious family inside & out!
~Lots of Love~


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Benton & Katie Got Married (Part II)~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

The Ceremony & After
But just a few!
Have to wait and share the FULL experience with the
Bride & Groom

Overall Party of Three!

Bubbles make for great exit shots any & always.
Lots of Love on Your New Journey in Life!


Benton & Katie Got Married (Part I)~Murfreesboro, TN Photography

I came away from this wedding with over 700 images &
had a very difficult time narrowing that number down!
This day was filled with sooo many emotions.
The father giving away his only little girl.
The mother who gained a daughter-in-law.
The remembering of those that are no longer with us.
The tears of happiness shed by a little girl gaining a new step-dad.
The overwhelming bond felt by this new Family of 3.
I guess these are emotions that are felt at most weddings but,
for some reason, they felt much stronger at this one.
Because I got so many images I'm splitting them up into 3 Blog Posts.
Before The Wedding:

Stay Tuned for Part II & III

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So What Do We Get If Our Blog Post Gets to 20 Comments??

I'm glad you asked!! I thought & thought & thought about this one.
I had a few ideas but, they just weren't personal enough to me. Then it hit me.
I remembered seeing these adorable 3x3 albums a while back and always wanted to try them out. They are customized (by me) to each client, fit perfectly in your purse & come in sets of 3!! That means you can keep one & give the other 2 as gifts to family members. You know grandma would love having something she can carry around and show off.
Just look how cute they are:

This was my first test one for The Moody's to make sure I loved how they came out &
yep, they're a winner!
Photos are crisp & colors are rich.
They have a concealed magnet for soft closure.
And just in case you were wondering, this is what the other side looked like. I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it away!
So there you have it.
If you're post gets 20 comments you'll get 3 of these bad boys personalized by muah.


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