Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun in the Sun *and following through with a 30 in my 30's*

Today was a scorcher so I decided we needed to do a little cooling off. Logan got home from school, kids had snacks and we got down to business. Swimming suits on, sunscreen on water hose...not so much. I'd planned on letting them play in the sprinkler or the waterslide but, I can't get the darn spray nozzle off the hose!! "
Oh well", I think, "I'll just spray them with the hose!"
Just as we're about to head out someone has other plans.
The sky turns dark and a light rain shower beings!!
The Big Guy knew exactly what we needed!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30 in my 30's

I've decided now that I've hit the Big One I need to make a list.

A list of goals, dreams & aspirations to be exact. This will hold me accountable.
  1. Attend a Photography Workshop.
  2. Share personal stories once every week or maybe two right here on this blog.
  3. Learn how to manage my time wisely. Make a daily schedule.
  4. Create stickers, address labels, cd labels & note cards for packaging products.
  5. Buy.My.New.Camera!
  6. Get a Fisheye Camera. They're totally cool!
  7. Make photobooks once a year of my family.
  8. Eat healthier and learn how to cook it!
  9. Be more patient with my kiddos. They're still learning too!
  10. Attend Church REGULARLY!
  11. Create new logo for prints and web.
  12. Go on vacation. Just us. To wherever.
  13. Pick strawberries & blueberries from a local farm and make delicious stuff from them.
  14. Run/Walk the Middle Half Marathon.
  15. Sign Logan up for the Kids Fun Run.
  16. Be a better wife & encourager.
  17. Get Brynn potty trained!
  18. Make my workspace MY workspace.
  19. Paint the upstairs.
  20. Refinish the old toy box and put it to use.
  21. Clean out attic...this could mean garage sale.
  22. Get our finances in order.
  23. Create a cleaning schedule.
  24. Volunteer at Church.
  25. SMILE! It just makes the day better.
  26. Make it a POINT to tell the ones I love how much they mean.
  27. Have a family photo taken AND printed.
  28. Send a card to a friend just because.
  29. Canoe the Buffalo and Do.Not.Flip!
  30. Learn how to sew...at least a button!

FYI I'm starting tonight!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This was probably my fastest session yet and I got so many great shots it was hard to choose! The kids were AWESOME! Very cooperative & a tad spunky. Just what I need! It literally only took me right around an hour for 3 kids separate and together. I was SHOCKED when I looked at the time we left. I went to HighSchool with mom and dad (actually we met in middle school) and probably haven't seen them since! Considering I'm turning the Big 3-0 tomorrow, that's a long time. The weather was gorgeous, the kids were adorable & getting to chat with the parents after 10 plus years made for a great day.

Look At That LOVE!!

Definitely my favorits of all 3 Beautiful Children. I'm thinking canvas here

Meet the oldest Jonah. I have to brag on him for a minute here. Literally every time I tried to catch him just being him, he'd see the camera and give me the biggest most genuine grin ever! No catching him off guard but, that smile is priceless.
I asked him what he thought of having 2 little sisters and he said,
"Ohhhh it's just the Best Things Ever!"
Like he was so in love with those 2 little girls.
Melts My Heart!

Anna Grace was so darn funny! She had the best facial expressions and definitely knew how to work a camera. You shoulda seen her sass!

Sweet Little Lyla(love that name)
She was a tad more reserved than the other 2 but, every once in a while she'd pop out of her shell! The camera loved her. Red hair & Blue Eyes=Beauty

Thanks For Stopping In!

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