Monday, May 30, 2011

The Arnold's ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

So for the Father's Day giveaway shoot we (meaning Bethany...thanks girl) got permission to shoot at a spot I've been dying to try out. It did not disappoint! The fields, the honeysuckle smell the old red was all perfection. Not to mention the adorable kiddos. I've been wanting to meet sweet Ella since she was born. Her and Brynn are only 2 weeks apart and we have tried to get together for 3 years now! Man life goes fast. Well, now Ella's a big sis and one of the cutest little girls I've ever met. It took her no time to warm up to me and she really knows how to work that camera. Little brother wasn't so bad himself. Not a peep out of him! Just a sweet, squishy sleepy newborn. I am so so glad I got to capture these images for Bethany and just know her hubby is gonna have the best Father's Day Gift eva!

Can't wait to head to the splash park with you guys this summer!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Miss Caroline is 2! ~ Murfreesboro TN Photographer

Miss Caroline is no stranger to this blog. I love that I get to capture her sweet personality so often! She ran up and gave me a big hug when we met up this past week. The location is gorgeous and the weather was perfect, however, the bugs...OH The Bugs! They were everywhere! Cicadas, mosquitos, bumblebees...But it didn't stop me from grabbing these beautiful photos of her. I can take whatever comes at me when I get home and see results like these!

~Until next time~


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fathers Day Giveaway Winner ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

When I got an email entry from Mrs. Bethany I was beyond thrilled! She's a friend I don't see often enough considering the distance. However, if she lived here, I know we'd have many many playdates;) I also know how much she prayed, questioned & went back and forth with her husband about how they could manage her being able to stay home and raise their kids. After all those prayers, they made it work and I am so happy for her and their family! I know how bad she wanted this. Reading her email about how much her husband supports and loves her brought tears to the eyes. May we all be so lucky.

Here's the email from Bethany about her wonderful husband:

Bless this man God gave to us! Never in my life have I seen someone sacrifice so much in order for me to be home with my babies. His day starts at 5:30am for job #1, then heads to job #2, to end his day with job #3. As the sun sets he comes home to us, Me, his 3 year old little Angel and his week old son, with a smile on his face and kisses for all. he does this all in the name of love! **Not to mention he loves pictures of his babies and I know this would be the most rewarding Father's Day present we could give to him! (This picture is minutes after the birth of our 2nd child, Ethan John, he was so proud! You can see just how big his heart is in this picture.)

Can't wait to share the photographs of these sweet children!

Congrate Bethany!
PS It's a secret sooo SHHHHHH


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fathers Day Gift Giveaway!! Murfreesboro, TN Photography

Yes, I know Mother's Day isn't even here yet!

Let's be ahead of the game this year &

give Dad a gift that rules.

Let's give a little love to those guys in our lives that do so much.

Photos of his adorable kiddos for him to proudly display at the office are a perfectly unique gift. Much better than the 500th necktie of years past.

The Details:

Photos do NOT have to be award winning photos. They just have to include that man of yours.

I will accept photos until Monday, May 9th.

I'll upload them to an album on the LRP facebook page.

Grab your friends & family and have them Like Like Like your photo!! Yes, you have to be a fan to like a photo. Comments don't count. Only "Likes".

Voting will end Saturday, May 14th at noon. *I was gonna say Friday but, that's the 13th & I just don't like that.*

Any questions? Just ask!


    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Baby M ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

    FINALLY!! A sweet squishy little newborn. Baby M's mom and I met at a nature class they have here in town. Her & her family just moved here from the north & I adored her from the start. She let me use her sweet little girl to try out some new props. I've had a vision for a while now & I think they turned out superb. I needed to get my feet a tad wetter in getting babies in smooshy positions and lullilng them back to sleep. She was such an easy baby! Waking only a little when I'd move her and with a little magic touch she was back in slumber land. I'm hoping to add mom & Big Sis Olivia in a few this week.

    Without Further Adou...


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