Saturday, July 16, 2011

*We Have A Winner* ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photographer

The Second Annual Faces of LRP contest was a full-blown success! There were a few early front runners that came out playing to win. And who wouldn't want this sweet sweet deal;) I always love seeing others get as excited about these images as I do. It's been one of the highlights of my year the past 2 years. The friendly competition between contestants, the sharing of love through "Likes" & the relentless work that some put in to win a print. 'Cause there really isn't anything better hanging on walls that photos of the ones you love most. I may be a little biased but, I think I have the best looking clients around! Without further adieu...Here are the
Top 3!!
Third Place:
This is absolutely one of my most favoritest images to date! Just a little girl, in the park, playing around on a picnic blanket. Not to mention that sweet smile and sparkle in her eye!
Congrats Kelly Moody!
Second Place
Sweet Little Gianna...those lashes could go on for days!! I love that it was a blanket of sweet in the woods for her shoot.
Congrats Christiana Thornburg!

Ohhh the Johnson Kids. 3 little blessings who were all absolute angels to work with! Definitely had their own little personalities showing through and each became my friend after about 2.5 minutes into meeting! I love the expression of each of their faces. Truly a moment captured. They are completely ignoring me and just doing their thing. Being Kids!
Congrats Kelli Johnson!

There you have it! Thanks to all that made the contest a success, to all the contestants that shared their loved ones with me and to the Winners for being so passionate about their photo!
Can't wait for 2012!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Faces of LRP {2} Contest ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

A Few Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I have to "Like" the LRP page to "Like" an image?
YES, this is the only way to like an image but,
why wouldn't you want to ;)

  • If someone links to the LRP page asking for "Likes" can't I just "Like" their link?
NO, I wish I could say yes but, those links don't show up on the LRP page and there's no easy way to track them. Keeping everything in one spot helps me keep track of votes and you keep up with whose on top!

  • You stated I could "Like" an image multiple times but, it's not letting me. What's up??
Welp, I was wrong! You may "Like" as many images as you want but, there's no option to "Like" an image multiple times. Sorry 'bout that! Completely my fault.
  • Will COMMENTS count?
NO. Only "LIKES" on a photo will count.
It just makes it easier for everyone.
  • So what exactly do I have to do to help my friend win??
It's Easy Peasy! Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Go HERE and "LIKE" the LRP Page.
  2. Then Go to my photos and find the album titled "Faces of LRP {2}"
  3. Click on the little "LIKE" button below the photo.
  4. That's It! You're done!
Hope this helps clear up some confusion!
Happy "Liking"

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