Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC Our Trip In Pictures ~ Murfreesboro, TN Photography

7 Kids
11 Adults
18 people total!
1 condo
6 beds
About 2 weeks ago we headed to Charlotte, NC for a cousins wedding. It was a bit of a rough start! Brynn got strep the day we left then she fell off the bed (small sleeping quarters meant she slept in a big bed for the first time ever) and hurt her neck pretty bad! She slept on palettes on the floor after that! The wedding was beautiful & it was so great to catch up with cousins we don't see much. The day after the wedding we all (cousins and aunts included) packed up and headed to the beach!
It was relaxing with a dash of chaos. I know the little cousins had sooooo much fun together!
Here's our trip in pictures:

We went to Ripley's Aquarium and found Dory and Nemo!

And this really creepy dude

And this breathtaking jellyfish!

The 7 littles(except you Kayla;)

After the aquarium I wanted a little one on one time with Logan and his best buddy cousin Kayla. We headed down Ocean Blvd. and took in the sights.

Back to the Beach!

Little Sistas first time "playing" putt-putt

The boys had a one on one day at the water park this day and, since little sista isn't quite tall enough yet we headed to the sprinkler pad/carnival rides.

Brynn had a lot of firsts on this trip! First carnival ride ever!

How beautifully antiquey is this swing ride!?

Back to the Beach!
My Girl

My Boy

Our Kids

May we always find this kind of peace and contentment in life.

Ofcourse we got a family shot but, it was taken by my awesome sis in law and I don't have it yet.
~Until Next Time~

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