Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Empire

I have a very talented friend who's putting together a very talented band. They asked if I'd be willing to get some shots of them while recording their new cd. Being the HUGE lover of music that I am, I was more than hapy to offer up my services! Photography & Music, yep I'm in!
Meet Beautiful Empire:

I'd say this picture sums up the life of a Recording Engineer.

Can't wait to hear the finished product guys!
To see more images click HERE

Thursday, March 4, 2010

High Point Restaurant Wedding Monteagle, TN

A call came down the line back in the fall from my cousin. She was getting married and she wanted me to capture all their special moments of the day. I was thrilled! But, I was even more thrilled when she told me the location.

Now if you've never heard of this place or had the pleasure of dining there, you're truly missing out on an amazing experience. Legends & stories surround the old stone house that's nestled in the Monteagle Mountains. Stories of under ground tunnels and escape hatches on the roof run rampant through these parts.
As legend will have it, Al Capone helped fund this magnificient three-story house. He used it to transfer liquor in the 20's & early 30's. He thought it was a good middle point between Chicago & Florida.
Can you even imagine the feeling you get when you step in this place!? Thoughts of intrigue and mystery paired with images of secret rendezous' and deals gone bad make for an evening to remember. A step back in time.
So basically, shooting at this location was thrill enough for me. Imagine my surprise when they emailed saying how much they liked my images and they wanted to use them for their website! Ummmmmm, Yes please! You can view them by clicking HERE
A Big Thank You to Jama & Sherry for working with me on this
& for providing an exceptional backdrop to work with!

Monday, March 1, 2010


My Darling Daughter turned 2 this past weekend.
The theme was
2 Sweet Candy Shop.
What better way to celebrate than with an extremely large lollipop
and an impromptu photoshoot!

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