Thursday, August 26, 2010

Macy~Murfreesboro, TN Photography

I always want to give a little back whenever I can so I came up with an idea!
Starting with this Blog Post Right Here!
If Miss Macy gets 10 or more comments on the blog
her family will receive a pretty awesome gift.
This will be the case for all new sessions that hit the blog.
Don't you want Miss Macy to win a pretty awesome gift?
Me too!
Show Some Blog Love
On with the Post...

Where to start with this family?? Miss Macy's mom & I have been friends for quite sometime now and I adore her. She has an amazing heart, isn't afraid to speak her mind & is always level-headed (well, most of the time;). Our sons are buddies and now our daughters will be too!
We met very early one morning and went roaming some local parks. It got very hot very quick but it didn't phase Miss Macy. She got a tad fussy once, put herself to sleep for a bit and voila! Perfect Angel again!

Gotta Love Those Bubbles

SEE Sleeping Beauty
Her outfit below was Handmade by the wonderfully talented
CuddleBug Gifts
Let's Not Forget Big Brother

Because 3 Monthers (is that a word) make awesome faces...
Thanks for Stopping By!
And Don't Forget Some Love...

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